Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Home, Miss Chanel

We have been having amazing spring weather, temps in the mid-70s to 80s, and lots of sunshine. I have said it before, but I am in much better spirits when the sun is shining!

I haven't bought a new camera yet, and the one I'm using is somewhat primitive, which discourages regular photo sessions. However, this week I made a decision to take the time and get some photos.

Rather than post them all in one big clump, I'll parcel them out a little more judiciously. That will give me the opportunity to chat more (and to quote "Young Doctors in Love" - "I just love fu*&ing chatting!").

The first outfit is my latest find from The Scholar Shop in Clayton, MO (St Louis). This absolutely breathtakingly beautiful suit is Chanel, from the 05C collection. The suit was at the shop for some time, as it was priced on the high side for our store. I looked at the suit a dozen times (we dubbed her "Miss Chanel" while she was waiting in the store for someone to take her home and love her). I tried the suit on, just so I could get it out of my mind in the event it didn't fit. Alas, it fit like a dream! Miss Chanel was stuck in my mind like a country music song, I couldn't stop thinking of her! Eventually, she went on sale and I decided to bring her home with me.

The suit is made from black tulle over black and white CC logo silk. The tulle is then woven with a warm white thread to form a black and white "tweed" pattern under which you can see the black and white logo silk. The jacket is trimmed in the famous Chanel couture Lesage trim and then fringed with hand tied bows all over. The jacket has a notched collar, two pockets with a CC plaque at the front and the weighted silver chain at the bottom hem. The sleeve cuffs are adorned with silver metal camellia CC buttons, magnificent!

Here is a closeup of the jacket:


This is how I wore it the first time - just this past weekend:


... and one more photo from the back:


Is it just me, or do you get the same zippy feeling when you're wearing something that makes you feel stunning? For me, when I put on a special outfit it really makes me feel good. I know it sounds shallow and maybe self-indulgent; but it puts an extra sparkle in my eye and a spring in my step (to use two cliches at a time, instead of just one). Now, if I were a gazillionaire and wore Chanel and all the other luxury labels all the time, maybe I wouldn't get that feeling, maybe it would become normal. Whatever - I do get a kick out of it now and - until I hit gazillionaire status I will appreciate it!


  1. Wow! Looks great on you!

    I'm totally the same way. When I'm wearing something particularly awesome, I feel energetic and happy all day.

  2. I love Chanel and you wear it well. Love good clothes like that suit. Very inspiring!

  3. Mom, you are the cutest. That suit looks just fan-freaking-tastic on you, to boot! No wonder you felt a bit of a pep in your step :) Looooove you!

  4. DAMN. That suit is AWESOME on you. What a find!

  5. What a SCORE!!!!! It looks great on you, too. I wish I could wear beige.

  6. I'm so glad you bought this for yourself! Looks amazing & I'm sure you would have kicked yourself later if you hadn't (I've done this a millions times!) :)