Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take 3: DYBW

First, my apologies, I am an inexperienced blogger and I have no idea how to post the DYBW banner on my blog. So, wander over to Academichic and take a look at the challenge these fashion maniacs have created!

Here's Take 3: I'm combining Hair & Eyes in today's post.

I've got two photos of different outfits. - yesterday's blazer / turtleneck combo also serves to showcase my hair and blue eyes - how handy is that?


And here's another outfit that showcases my cute hair - the black & white combo makes my hair pop a little more! Of course, who doesn't love a peace sign? I know I do!


I am going to be off to visit BrightsideDweller tomorrow! I can't WAIT to hang out with her and have quality mother/daughter time.


  1. oooh your eyes in the first shot look gorgeous! and I am LOVING the shorter cut. can't wait to see it in person :)

  2. I love the combination of dove grays in your first picture!

  3. I have a black shirt with a metallic letters kind of like that. I bought it on a trip to Spain. The design is Arabic. I asked the salesgirl what it meant and she mumbled something about peace.

    I decided not to wear it at the airport because for all I know it says, "destroy the infidels" and I didn't think security would like that.

    No problems back in the USA.

    I always wish I had blue eyes because I like the eyeshadow colors they show for blue. With brown it's always purple.