Friday, May 7, 2010

Casual Spring Day at the Scholar Shop

The days I go to work as a volunteer at the Scholar Shop in Clayton, MO I need to wear flats, but I still like to look cute (of course). I've taken a page from my BFF Ruth, and turned to skinny jeans with a loafer and cute layers to accomplish all the above.

Today I've turned to my old faithful skinny jeans - from Old Navy a few years back. They've got a zipper at the back of the bottom hem and I like the dark rinse. I pulled on a white H&M long tank top; and layered a cashmere blue and cream sequined Rebecca Taylor sweater over it. On my feet - blue suede shoes, of course! These are loafer mules from Mephisto - one of the most comfortable brand of upscale walking shoes that I've found.

So, I think I've accomplished what I set out to do - comfortable and cute, and able to work hard at the Scholar Shop!



Details: Jeans - Old Navy
Tank: H&M
Sweater: Rebecca Taylor
Shoes: Mephisto

Stay tuned tommorrow (I think)! I've written my first guest post and if it's posted tomorrow I will set up a link. I've also got some new photos with my back to summer shorter hair cut, along with a few more outfits.

Next week is pretty busy, but I'm going to try to keep posting regularly. On Thursday, I will be visiting my favorite blogger (and beautiful daughter) of all time - Bright Side Dweller - in San Francisco. Hopefully, we'll be able to take some photos and post some side by side blog entries. She tells me she is joining the ladies at Academichic in their venture next week "Dress Your Best Week." I love that they've got us thinking of how to accentuate the positive (glass half full, anyone?) instead of hiding the negative. This should be a lot of fun! What parts would you accentuate to Dress Your Best?


  1. Really cute "work" outfit, you look great and comfy.

  2. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I want to replicate it! That cardigan is all kinds of fabulous... I love a snazzy printed cardigan! And blue suede shoes are classic and cool at the same time :)

  3. PS... Mom, you are such a HOTTIE!

  4. ha ha ha ha, you're making me laugh, chica!