Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress Your Best Week!

The Academic Chics are promoting Dress Your Best Week - which I find an interesting and thought provoking concept. It is interesting because we were taught as girls to be modest, so talking about the things we like about ourselves feels like bragging. Thought provoking because it gives me a new perspective when gazing into my closet to figure out what to wear for the day to enhance my selected feature!

Today I am celebrating my legs. They are shapely and strong and take me places I want to go. My legs are one of my best features, which is why you'll see them a lot this summer, mostly in dresses and skirts.

Today's outfit is all about celebrating spring-time weather! I needed the blazer indoors, but we've had some balmy, sunny days lately - so I opted for a blue and white printed sheath dress, with a blazer tossed over for comfort. I like the detail on the blazer - there is a bee embroidered on the front and a dragonfly on the back, with a little ribbon tie. I wore the tan high-heeled Charles by Charles David sandals, which I think elongates the leg.


It looks like the weather will be changing - so I'll get to dress differently for the other parts I've identified:

1. Legs
2. Booty
3. Hair
4. Pretty Feet
5. Blue Eyes (since I'm not sure how to dress for blue eyes - I may combine that one with an overall "nice figure" post... we'll see!

Dress Your Best, Everyone!


  1. Yes, you do have nice legs. I love the print of the dress with the white jacket!

  2. oooooh way to show of your fabulous legs! what about a pretty blue top to highlight your baby blues? Check out A's most recent outfit... that shirt makes her eyes SHINE! also, that pink lipstick we both have makes 'em POP.

    Also thanks for passing down the booty to me. Mine's slightly different of course, but definitely inherited :) And I'm celebrating it today!

    Allllllso, you have the prettiest feet ever. And hands overall but especially those PERFECT NAILS.

    Basically you are just a hottie boombottie.

  3. PS I'm loving the regular posts lately :) And hey! See ya the day after tomorrow!

  4. Great outfit.

    I think that hem length is a sweet spot for you.

  5. Thank you for posting all your DYB outfits this week! You and Chelsea are both fabulous and it's so great to have your positive voices be part of the blogging community! And you're right - great legs and booty (which must run in the family) are worth flaunting.