Monday, September 27, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...

Fonder, I hope! I miss all my bloggy buddies, sorry I've been offline for a while. I try to catch up with all of you on Google Reader, just to feel the love.

Since my last post, I've been running around like a crazy lady, but I've got a few photos to post, and I'll try to recall the provenance of the outfits.

I think I'll go in reverse chronological order:

September 18: I wore this to Chelsea's engagement party (WHAT a FUN time!):
Dress: INC; Shoes: Me Too; Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples


And, this is what Chelsea wore to the party (isn't she adorable?):
Dress: H&M,; for other details, you'll have to check out Chelsea's blog


September 17: I wore this blazer / tank with jeans to run around San Francisco with Chelsea:
Blazer/Tank: Akris; Jeans: Joe's Jeans Muse; Shoes: Me Too (again)


September 6: Blazer: Elie Tahari; Tank: H&M; Skirt: Isda; Boots: Nine West


September 1: Blazer: Armani Collection; Tank: H&M; Pants: ??; Shoes: Mephisto


August 30: Suit: Piazza Sempione; Tank: Akris; Shoes: Jimmy Choo


and for another pose that's just fierce (ha ha ha):


Well, I think that's enough for now! More to come. Glad to be back, I hope all is well with all of you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome Home Jimmy!

Well, they finally arrived - my new Jimmy Choos! (Or, as my daughter says - my new choos.) These shoes are absolutely beautiful, I foresee a lot of wear in my future.

Victoria Beckham says "that extra half inch" adds something super to a look - or in this case "that extra two inches" - these are definitely the highest heels I've worn!

As soon as they arrived I started thinking of where to wear them and what outfit to build them around - they are so neutral they will go with almost anything! Last night I wore them with my Trina Turk dress. Here are a couple of quick snapshots of the shoes - I didn't get an ensemble picture last night but I will post one soon.



Today I will wear flats so my feet can decompress from the altitude! I'm off to the Scholar Shop - we are restocking the store today for the Grand Opening tomorrow. If you're in St Louis, stop by and take a look!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teaser - New Shoes

While we were in Las Vegas my husband took me to Jimmy Choo at the Palazzo Shops and bought me my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes! I am SO excited about these shoes. The pair I bought are so brand new they aren't even on their website yet, but here's the closest I can find to them. Mine are a tobacco brown suede that is just amazing.

The teaser is that we had them shipped home, so I won't get the actual shoes for a few days, but I will try to keep it together until they arrive.

BTW, we had a blast on vacation - but it was SO hot that sitting by the pool at 5:00 pm was still scorching hot. We spent a LOT of time in the air conditioned gym and spa - which was just lovely.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Parade of Dresses

I am leaving for a trip - we're going to a wedding in Colorado, then a few days of fun in Las Vegas. While I was thinking over my options, I decided to try on a variety of dresses and take photos, so I'd get a good idea of which ones would work best for the trip.

My first challenge is to dress for a wedding to be held at a Buddhist center outside of Boulder, CO. After the ceremony, we go back to an Inn for the reception. The ceremony will be at 9500 feet, and heels are not recommended. I haven't figured out the shoes yet, but it's likely that I'll wear flat sandals or flip flops to the ceremony; and heels to the reception.

Here's the dress I picked out for the wedding:

Details: Dress - Tommy Bahama; silk and linen blend
Sandals: Charles by Charles David


The collage below is an abundance of summer dresses, a virtual Parade of Dresses (hence the title). I tried on more than are shown here, the discards are the ones that will go back to the Scholar Shop for someone else to treasure. This exercise was helpful, I got an overview of some of the gems in my closet. Since I took photos, I now have an independent eye for the dresses, which helps when I'm deciding what to wear for different occasions.

Can you guess which ones are going to Las Vegas? I tried to organize them in the collage so I could identify them easily, but I ran out of patience, so here's the mishmash.

Details (left to right, beginning at the top left row):
Orange Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal; Patterned Sleeveless Dress: Trina Turk; Yellow/White Dress: Nanette Lepore; Silver/Blue Dress: Tommy Bahama; Red/Cream Flowered Dress: Nanette Lepore; Gold Spaghetti Strap Dress: Velvet; Black Halter Dress: Calvin Klein; Black/White Printed 2 piece Dress: Trina Turk; Tropical Print Dress: Muse; White/Black Printed Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo; Blue Tropical Print Silk Dress: Lilly Pulitzer; (a couple of repeats...) and a white top with blue skirt that I wore today. Whew, I'm tired just reading about it.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My husband and I decided to go downtown and check out Taste of Springfield - and it was blazing hot - so I decided to wear this sundress. This is an Isaac Mizrahi for Target and was just the right weight for wandering around outdoors in the summertime heat. The sandals are Cole Haan, which I wore because they give a little more support than basic flip flops - besides who doesn't love jeweled feet?

(Note to self:Now that I've seen the photos, I think I need to adjust the straps so that the dress sits a little lower, but overall I like the look.)

Details: Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, via The Scholar Shop
Sandals: Cole Haan, via the Scholar Shop


I've included this out of focus (sorry - I have no idea what setting I had on my camera) shot so that you can see how the sundress becomes work appropriate when you add the matching blazer.


This is just a quick post, as I take a small break from work. Ta ta for now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot in Springfield

By Hot in Springfield - I mean literally HOT! The temps have stayed in the 90s, with the heat index reaching in the 100s. I continue to reach for cool dresses, with a wrap or jacket for the air conditioning.

This was an outfit I wore to a lunch meeting. As I said, it was scorching hot, so I chose this silk jersey Trina Turk dress, and a light denim jacket to pull on when I'm inside. I like the sandals, they have a slight platform which makes them fairly comfortable. However, the slingback shoe is always a problem for me, they just won't stay on my heels.

I love Trina Turk's designs. Tory Burch is more popular, but I like the individuality of the Trina Turk look. She uses beautiful fabrics and the cut of her clothes tends to be very flattering to my figure.

Details: Dress: Trina Turk via The Scholar Shop
Jacket: White Denim Marc Jacobs via The Scholar Shop
Shoes: Charles by Charles David via DSW (I think)



I hope you're enjoying your summer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I am lovin' summer! When the temps hover in the high 90s with a heat index in the 100s, I reach back to my southern roots for fashion inspiration. This hot day (a couple of weeks ago) I decided on a cool summer dress, with a softly structured jacket for the air conditioned indoors.

I really like the shape of this dress, and because it's made of some kind of jersey, it packs beautifully. The self belt hits at a flattering spot and the skirt is swingy instead of clingy; which is kinder to my hips. Oh, and bonus round - the shape of the bodice gives me the look of cleavage - which is hard to achieve with my figure!

Details: Dress: Laundry; Jacket: Marc Jacobs; Shoes: Charles by Charles David

I know I look kind of cranky in the photo - but it is solely due to taking photos in the noon time sun - the angle of the sun in my eyes makes me squint!

2010 May 29-3

Here is a view of the dress with my new favorite jacket of all time - a cream colored denim Marc Jacobs that Ruth found for me at The Scholar Shop (I know you're probably sick of hearing about that store, but I have an addiction, I can't help myself).

I look even crankier in this picture!

2010 May 29-2

On a side note, my dermatologist recommended a product called Renova - and gave me a couple of tiny sample tubes to try. I think it's doing an amazing job (it's a Vitamin A product), and I'll post some complexion pictures soon. It is pricey, and not covered by insurance, but you use just a tiny bit mixed into your moisturizer at night. (This is not a paid endorsement or review, I've just tried the product personally and so far I like it.) Has anyone else tried this - or something like it?

What I am looking for is something that gives me back some of that youthful glow without invasive procedures. I tried some microdermabrasion facials last year and ended up with scabs - NOT the look I was going for.

I hope you all are getting ready to enjoy a long, holiday weekend!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Disney - Last Day

Vacation pictures - aren't they awesome? We look happy, tan and rested - because we ARE! This photo was taken as we were preparing to depart for the airport on our way home.

Top: Moth from Anthro
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Adriana G.
Arm Candy: Husband

Disney 2010

I know this photo is from a couple of weeks ago, but I have taken some new ones. I am trying to catch up on posting. I like to draw out the suspense, so I'll try to limit myself to one post a day for awhile. Let me know what you think...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Guest Blog!

Mary - at Writing Without Periods - recently asked me to "guest blog" on her site for her Sensational Woman Saturday feature. It was such a compliment to be asked - AND I had a lot of fun with the questions she posed. Her blog is a hip, funny, sassy, interesting take on life after periods. As I am a huge fan of menopause (no more periods, ladies!), I am interested in how other women experience the journey.

Please visit Mary's blog and let us know what you think.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Feeling Flashdance!

The structure of this top takes me back to the days of "Flashdance" (or at least the 80s). I LOVE the graphic - the eyes and lips remind me of Andy Warhol as channeled by Jean Paul Gaultier for Target. It's fun to wear, I wore it with skinny black slacks and a tank top. I could have gone with heels or flats, but the heels won out today.

I've shopped at Target a few times with their new "pop up" lines - this was the Jean Paul Gaultier line they produced about a month ago. There were about a dozen pieces, but this was the one that caught my eye. A lot of bloggers have loved the Liberty of London line, but I wasn't ready for the florals. There were some adorable Zac Posen pieces recently, but they weren't age appropriate (maybe the late teens/early twenties set).

Details: Top: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target; Tank: H&M; Slacks: Norma Kamali; Shoes: Cole Haan.

2010 06 17

2010 06 17-1

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Jun 15-2

2010 Jun 15-2, originally uploaded by Fabulously Fashionable 50s.

I am not sure if this photo posted properly, so I am trying it once more before bedtime...

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Something about the color orange calls to me, I seem to feel more cheerful when I'm wearing orange. Sunny color, sunshine, mood lifter, all good things...

You can probably tell that I'm quite tan after our vacation in Florida. I wear sunscreen, but we spent a lot of time out by the pool; and every morning I spent 30-45 minutes on a run/walk in the Florida sunshine. I've been exercising outdoors since spring began here in the Midwest. I usually set out around 7:00 or 7:30 am, trying to beat out the thunderstorms and heat here! I'm enjoying the outdoors - I walk in a beautiful park with lots of trees and ponds - I've had to dodge the geese and ducks (with their baby goslings and ducklings) on more than one occasion! I also work out with weights 3 times a week. Consistent, regular exercise makes me feel good - it's not just the benefits I get physically, I get an emotional boost as well. My very favorite exercise is "hot yoga" - a vinyasa flow yoga class in a room heated to 90-95 degrees. Unfortunately, six months ago or so my shoulder went wonky on me - some kind of impingement - so I haven't been able to do yoga in months! I hope to get back to it soon!

Anywhoo - back to the whole point of this blog - the clothes! I found the orange top (by Moth - a brand we find at Anthropologie) at The Scholar Shop (of course). The white tank is from H&M - and I have been wearing one of these almost every day! The cropped khakis are Talbots - but I bought them at TJ Maxx (because I really, really hate to pay retail). The sandals are Donald Pliner - I bought them at a E&J's Shoe Warehouse an amazing discount shoe place in St Louis.

2010 Jun 15-3

2010 June 15

By the way, the title is a reference to the classic knock-knock joke: KK - WT? Banana - banana who (repeat until your audience's eyes glaze); and finally end with the punch line above.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Playing catch up!

I can't believe that spring is almost over. Here in the heartland we are having WILD weather days - we've had some crazy thunderstorms with lightning, thunder and high winds.

Sometimes I find it challenging to dress for the days with the unstable weather forecast. I have my wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs black rain boots - with a heel. I found a cotton trench coat recently at The Gap - for about $25 on mega-sale. It's just waterproof enough - without being too heavy and hot for the season. So, you'll see a lot of both of those pieces in my most recent pics.

I'm enjoying the lighter colors and shades of the season. You'll note, however, there is one "shades of grey" outfit. I remember that day was a gloomy, chilly, gray day with rain - and rather than fight the mood I just wallowed in it. This is very similar to an outfit I wore in the winter, when I layered it with wool instead of cotton.

Details: Cotton Sweatshirt Blazer: J Crew; Grey Sleeveless Turtleneck: Michael Stars; Skirt: Theory; Tights: Hue; Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey2

Another rainy day started out sunny and nice - but called for (with success) torrential rain later in the day. That day I went with the sunny outlook and layered pinks to stay cheerful. When the rain came, I swapped the sandals for the boots and added the trench.

Details: Tee Shirt: ?; Wrap Sweater: McLaughlin; Skirt: MaxMara Weekend; Sandals: Donal J Pliner; Trench Coat: The Gap; Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Pink Fun

Pink Fun3


I thought I'd post a guest appearance - my darling husband. In this photo he's wearing one of his Canali sportcoats, and a new Polo golf shirt. Isn't he handsome? He's a big supporter of my blog and my fashion journey.

Darling Husband

Finally, here's another fun outfit. I found this cute Milly skirt at the Scholar Shop, and layered it with a cream cardigan and a brown tank top, finishing it all off with a skinny belt. I liked it when I wore it, but the belt hangs funny in the photos, so now I'm not so sure.

Details: Cardigan: Banana Republic; Tank Top: H&M; Skirt: Milly; Belt: ?.

Brown Set2

I hope your slide into summer is going well! I love the summer season - it's slower and sweeter and the sounds always take me back to my grandmother's house in Houston in the summertime.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Update

Well, I had an amazing whirlwind trip to San Francisco this weekend; to visit my daughter and her fiancee. Chelsea and I spent all day Friday shopping at Union Square. We were so busy that we only took one photo - in the dressing room at Anthropologie (and, yes, we both bought the white top)!

So, here's the photo - taken with the iPhone, so it's a little blurry - of me and Chelsea as twins (except that she's younger, and taller, and ...). Isn't she a cutie patootie? I miss her already...


Me: White top: Anthropologie
White Tank top: H&M
Jeans: Joe's Jeans in Muse

Chelsea: White top: Anthropologie
White Tank top: Don't Know
Jeans: Can't remember

I'm back in the Midwest after a looooong day of travel yesterday (just think of the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" - I hit them all). It's rainy and gray here today, so I'm keeping it casual in old jeans, cowboy boots (hey, I'm from Texas) and a light sweater. If I get a chance later I'll take a picture or two.

I am also digging on my Gap cotton trench coat I found for $24 last week in St Louis at The Gap at the Galleria. I'm also a HUGE fan of their stretch cotton panties. They were on sale for $4 per pair, so I stocked up.

I hope you all have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take 3: DYBW

First, my apologies, I am an inexperienced blogger and I have no idea how to post the DYBW banner on my blog. So, wander over to Academichic and take a look at the challenge these fashion maniacs have created!

Here's Take 3: I'm combining Hair & Eyes in today's post.

I've got two photos of different outfits. - yesterday's blazer / turtleneck combo also serves to showcase my hair and blue eyes - how handy is that?


And here's another outfit that showcases my cute hair - the black & white combo makes my hair pop a little more! Of course, who doesn't love a peace sign? I know I do!


I am going to be off to visit BrightsideDweller tomorrow! I can't WAIT to hang out with her and have quality mother/daughter time.

DYBW - Take 2

Today is actually Day 3 - so I'll post 2 outfits for DYBW. I'm enjoying the blog posts from the challenge, and - although I know I am biased - but really, you have to read BrightSideDweller's latest blog about her booty. She is unbelievably amazing!

So, Take 2... Like Chelsea - I love my booty. I've grown to appreciate it over the years, especially as my husband gives me constant positive reinforcement about what a cute butt I have. I'm not sure that this outfit displays it to it's best advantage, but I'm working with what I got...


I like this picture because of the flowers; and it's another look at my booty. I'm not sure I like the whole direct sunlight in my eyes thing, but oh well! It's a beautiful day out there.


Blazer & Sleeveless Turtleneck: Akris
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Mephisto

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress Your Best Week!

The Academic Chics are promoting Dress Your Best Week - which I find an interesting and thought provoking concept. It is interesting because we were taught as girls to be modest, so talking about the things we like about ourselves feels like bragging. Thought provoking because it gives me a new perspective when gazing into my closet to figure out what to wear for the day to enhance my selected feature!

Today I am celebrating my legs. They are shapely and strong and take me places I want to go. My legs are one of my best features, which is why you'll see them a lot this summer, mostly in dresses and skirts.

Today's outfit is all about celebrating spring-time weather! I needed the blazer indoors, but we've had some balmy, sunny days lately - so I opted for a blue and white printed sheath dress, with a blazer tossed over for comfort. I like the detail on the blazer - there is a bee embroidered on the front and a dragonfly on the back, with a little ribbon tie. I wore the tan high-heeled Charles by Charles David sandals, which I think elongates the leg.


It looks like the weather will be changing - so I'll get to dress differently for the other parts I've identified:

1. Legs
2. Booty
3. Hair
4. Pretty Feet
5. Blue Eyes (since I'm not sure how to dress for blue eyes - I may combine that one with an overall "nice figure" post... we'll see!

Dress Your Best, Everyone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that all the mothers out there are having a lovely Mother's Day. I have big plans to celebrate with my daughter at the end of this week in San Francisco. I am so excited that we get to spend time together close to Mother's Day and her birthday - I am all smiles this year!

I got my hair cut super short last week - and I am really enjoying it. This is the cut I got a few years back and, although I've strayed some since, I think it's back to stay.

In the meantime, here's a quick snapshot of another way I styled the Chanel jacket I posted earlier in the week. I have worn this charcoal Max Mara Weekend sheath dress previously, but I really liked the way it looked with the Chanel and the shoes. And, I love the Oliver Peoples sunglasses - I had originally bought them as glasses but never liked the way they looked - I had polarized lenses put in to replace the prescription lenses and now I love them!



Here's the same dress, layered with a sleeveless turtleneck and felt blazer from Akris:
2009 12 16-1

Friday, May 7, 2010

Casual Spring Day at the Scholar Shop

The days I go to work as a volunteer at the Scholar Shop in Clayton, MO I need to wear flats, but I still like to look cute (of course). I've taken a page from my BFF Ruth, and turned to skinny jeans with a loafer and cute layers to accomplish all the above.

Today I've turned to my old faithful skinny jeans - from Old Navy a few years back. They've got a zipper at the back of the bottom hem and I like the dark rinse. I pulled on a white H&M long tank top; and layered a cashmere blue and cream sequined Rebecca Taylor sweater over it. On my feet - blue suede shoes, of course! These are loafer mules from Mephisto - one of the most comfortable brand of upscale walking shoes that I've found.

So, I think I've accomplished what I set out to do - comfortable and cute, and able to work hard at the Scholar Shop!



Details: Jeans - Old Navy
Tank: H&M
Sweater: Rebecca Taylor
Shoes: Mephisto

Stay tuned tommorrow (I think)! I've written my first guest post and if it's posted tomorrow I will set up a link. I've also got some new photos with my back to summer shorter hair cut, along with a few more outfits.

Next week is pretty busy, but I'm going to try to keep posting regularly. On Thursday, I will be visiting my favorite blogger (and beautiful daughter) of all time - Bright Side Dweller - in San Francisco. Hopefully, we'll be able to take some photos and post some side by side blog entries. She tells me she is joining the ladies at Academichic in their venture next week "Dress Your Best Week." I love that they've got us thinking of how to accentuate the positive (glass half full, anyone?) instead of hiding the negative. This should be a lot of fun! What parts would you accentuate to Dress Your Best?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Home, Miss Chanel

We have been having amazing spring weather, temps in the mid-70s to 80s, and lots of sunshine. I have said it before, but I am in much better spirits when the sun is shining!

I haven't bought a new camera yet, and the one I'm using is somewhat primitive, which discourages regular photo sessions. However, this week I made a decision to take the time and get some photos.

Rather than post them all in one big clump, I'll parcel them out a little more judiciously. That will give me the opportunity to chat more (and to quote "Young Doctors in Love" - "I just love fu*&ing chatting!").

The first outfit is my latest find from The Scholar Shop in Clayton, MO (St Louis). This absolutely breathtakingly beautiful suit is Chanel, from the 05C collection. The suit was at the shop for some time, as it was priced on the high side for our store. I looked at the suit a dozen times (we dubbed her "Miss Chanel" while she was waiting in the store for someone to take her home and love her). I tried the suit on, just so I could get it out of my mind in the event it didn't fit. Alas, it fit like a dream! Miss Chanel was stuck in my mind like a country music song, I couldn't stop thinking of her! Eventually, she went on sale and I decided to bring her home with me.

The suit is made from black tulle over black and white CC logo silk. The tulle is then woven with a warm white thread to form a black and white "tweed" pattern under which you can see the black and white logo silk. The jacket is trimmed in the famous Chanel couture Lesage trim and then fringed with hand tied bows all over. The jacket has a notched collar, two pockets with a CC plaque at the front and the weighted silver chain at the bottom hem. The sleeve cuffs are adorned with silver metal camellia CC buttons, magnificent!

Here is a closeup of the jacket:


This is how I wore it the first time - just this past weekend:


... and one more photo from the back:


Is it just me, or do you get the same zippy feeling when you're wearing something that makes you feel stunning? For me, when I put on a special outfit it really makes me feel good. I know it sounds shallow and maybe self-indulgent; but it puts an extra sparkle in my eye and a spring in my step (to use two cliches at a time, instead of just one). Now, if I were a gazillionaire and wore Chanel and all the other luxury labels all the time, maybe I wouldn't get that feeling, maybe it would become normal. Whatever - I do get a kick out of it now and - until I hit gazillionaire status I will appreciate it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mad Men(ish)

The silhouette of this suit immediately brought to mind the style of the TV show "Mad Men." (I don't actually watch the show; I tried watching the first season - and, although I enjoyed the style of the show, I found the subject matter a tad depressing.) Anywhoo (as my father-in-law would say), when I came across this suit at the fabulous Scholar Shop in St Louis, it caused my heart to beat faster. When I saw who made it AND that it was my size AND that it fit like a dream - well, THAT was a pretty good day!

This is a super transitional suit - great for fall and spring. The sleeve length lends itself to this time of year, the two piece structure works great for the season, and for cool mornings I throw on the chocolate brown leather trench I've had for years. AND you'll note that the nude patent leather Kate Spade pumps work like a dream with this outfit!

I had an event that called for a business suit, so this fit my needs perfectly.


Suit: Carolina Herrera - thrifted via The Scholar Shop, Clayon, MO
Shoes: Kate Spade - thrifted via The Scholar Shop, Clayon, MO
Coat: Via Spiga - had it for years, can't remember
Bag: Cole Haan - thrifted via The Scholar Shop, Clayon, MO

I know this photo doesn't show details of the suit, but it does show the bag, the shoes and the coat!
2010 03 23 F

These photos are driving me crazy - I think it may be time for a new camera...
2010 03 23 B

2010 03 23 A


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunshine, you are my Sunshine...

Oh how I love sunshine! We've had a few days of cold, drizzly, not-quite-springtime weather and finally - today - the sun came out. My mood improves immediately when the sun is shining. I was inspired to try taking a few photos outside - as spring arrives the garden will become a nicer backdrop.

Plans changed today and I have casual meetings, no work events, so I opted for jeans. I wanted to go back to the fun and thought provoking Inspiration Calendar to get some ideas for today's outfit. I've loosely interpreted the Tweed & Leather for today - with the tweed Moschino blazer and the leather No. 704b boots.

Blazer: Moschino via The Scholar Shop, St Louis, MO
Tank: H&M - St Louis Galleria
Jeans: James Jeans - Bella, Springfield, IL
Boots: No 704b - DSW, Houson, TX

2010 03 22 C

2010 03 22 A

Ok, maybe the sun was in my eyes in this one!
2010 03 22 B

Here are a couple of pics from my St Patrick's Day outfit. I had a meeting, so I didn't want to go obnoxiously green this time. I opted for a blouse under a dress. I'm not sure that I loved the outfit, but it worked for the event. These Kate Spade pumps are my absolute favorites - they are a round toe, chunky high heel in a nude patent leather. Because the heel is so substantial I can wear them all day with no problem. The color is so neutral they go with everything - so you'll be seeing them again!

I did get my hair cut, and I'm loving the shorter look again. As the weather turns warm I'll probably keep going shorter!

2010 03 17 B

2010 03 17