Monday, September 27, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...

Fonder, I hope! I miss all my bloggy buddies, sorry I've been offline for a while. I try to catch up with all of you on Google Reader, just to feel the love.

Since my last post, I've been running around like a crazy lady, but I've got a few photos to post, and I'll try to recall the provenance of the outfits.

I think I'll go in reverse chronological order:

September 18: I wore this to Chelsea's engagement party (WHAT a FUN time!):
Dress: INC; Shoes: Me Too; Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples


And, this is what Chelsea wore to the party (isn't she adorable?):
Dress: H&M,; for other details, you'll have to check out Chelsea's blog


September 17: I wore this blazer / tank with jeans to run around San Francisco with Chelsea:
Blazer/Tank: Akris; Jeans: Joe's Jeans Muse; Shoes: Me Too (again)


September 6: Blazer: Elie Tahari; Tank: H&M; Skirt: Isda; Boots: Nine West


September 1: Blazer: Armani Collection; Tank: H&M; Pants: ??; Shoes: Mephisto


August 30: Suit: Piazza Sempione; Tank: Akris; Shoes: Jimmy Choo


and for another pose that's just fierce (ha ha ha):


Well, I think that's enough for now! More to come. Glad to be back, I hope all is well with all of you!


  1. And the Jimmy Choos! What great looks! And Chelsea's dress is soo pretty.

  2. Gorgeous mamacita! Awww seeing the pics of you in SF makes me a bit teary... miss you heaps! And that outfit with those killer boots is amazing. Well all of them are because you are so stylish and beautiful! Love you :)

  3. Awwww, you guys are so sweet! Xxooo

  4. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?