Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frizzling Day

No, it's not Snoop talk - it's freezing drizzle outside, so I'm naming it Frizzle!

Today's Inspiration Calendar is Stripes with a Vest. However, I don't own a vest, so I've improvised. I layered the striped funnel neck sweater under a sweatshirt blazer, and topped it with a scarf. I decided to try the layered tights I've seen other bloggers wear, so I'm wearing opaque black tights with a pair of black fishnets under a black skirt. The Uggs reappear, as they have a stable rubber bottom so I don't fall on my butt out there today.

Unfortunately my camera battery died after one photo, so I didn't get to experiment with the scarf off, or the blazer open, or...

2010 Jan 20

Sweater: Linq, Ebay
Blazer: J Crew Outlet, Napa, CA
Skirt: Theory, The Scholar Shop
Scarf: I can't remember
Boots: Uggs, remixed
Tights: Black and black fishnet, Target

As I mentioned, I'm enjoying the inspiration calendar as a - well, inspiration - to plan my outfit for the day. Many bloggers have mentioned falling asleep to outfit planning, which I've done for years. So nice to have validation that I'm not the only obsessive one out there!

I've been catching up on my blog-reading. There was an interesting post by Secondhand Shopaholic about obsessive shopping which I could definitely relate to. My friend Ruth calls it lust; sometimes when you're lusting over an item you need to walk away. If you are still thinking about it a day or two later, and the item is still available; then you can decide whether to buy it - when you're not in the throes of passion. I don't think I'm the only one that can get into an altered state of mind when I'm shopping. It helps if you shop at stores where they make the returns easy. If I experience buyer's remorse - I need to be able to take things back!

I tend to buy multiple items of staples, like tanks, layering t-shirts, tights, etc. Every three months or so I take a look at my dresser and my closet and purge items I'm not wearing. I am past the three month mark right now and I can tell - it's hard to find clothes and I get slightly anxious about having too much stuff.

I hope you all have a fun day, and hope that it's not frizzling where you are!

P.S. I just read this post by another favorite blogger, Fashion for Nerds. It's right on topic for what I was talking about regarding shopping.


  1. You look great! I love the gray and black combo and you can't go wrong with doubling up the tights for that extra bit of warmth.

  2. Love the profile shot! I can certainly relate being in an "altered state" when shopping.

  3. Okay, this outfit just rocks. Love the gray/black combo... the peak of stripes and fuzziness in the boots, and that scarf is fabulous!

    P.S. Your fear was totally unwarranted.
    P.P.S. I love reading your blog, mamacita! I get to learn new things about my mom :)