Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another snow day!

The weather-folks are getting it right this time. The snow started falling last night around 9pm, and it's still coming down. I finally broke down and bought a snow shovel this morning, and today I'm carpooling with my husband in the 4WD SUV.

I'm over my cranky pants (see previous post). I realize that writing and sharing about it helps ease the feeling. I have always wrestled with the ability to acknowledge negative feelings - thinking that if I feel negative then I must be negative. Well... not so much.  I keep forgetting that once I've acknowledged the feeling - I'm no longer fighting it - and it becomes much less powerful  - and I get through it. Easy peasy, right? Lifelong learning...

Today I needed a bright pop of color to contrast with the whiteout conditions outside.  I've had this beautiful orange cashmere V-neck Theory sweater for years, and I decided to try pairing it with a black button-up shirt and pinstriped slacks. Oh, and yes, I am wearing the Uggs! I may not come out of these bad boys for the next 10 days. We're supposed to get wind chill temperatures in the minus 15-20 range (yes that was -15 to -20 F).  BRRRRR.....

The overcoat I've had for probably over a decade now. This coat was one of those fashion finds that stays with you. I had just moved to Washington, DC from sunny southern California, and I had no coats except for ski jackets. I was cruising the Filene's Basement store in DC and found this charcoal/black double breasted wool/cashmere Armani overcoat for $150. The original price tags were still on the coat, I think it retailed for $2,500. And I'm still wearing it 12 years later!

2010 Jan 7-4

2010 Jan 7-1

2010 Jan 7-3

2010 Jan 7-2

Work - snowstorm - meetings
Sweater: Theory
Blouse: Facconable, Scholar Shop
Slacks: Tahari, Marshall's
Boots: Uggs
Coat: Giorgio Armani
Scarf: Burberry
Button: Quinn for Illinois campaign button


  1. first, I know a certain baseball fan who would approve of these colors :) second, LOVE the black button up underneath. third, that coat is amazing and I've always been amazed at your ability to find the best freaking deals ever!!

  2. What a deal on a magnificent coat! The cashmere sweater is such a vibrant color, great with the dark top and bottoms.