Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mix Navy & Pants: Inspiration Calendar

Day Two of the Inspiration Calendar Mix. The challenge is to mix navy and pants, and I hardly ever wear navy. However, you may remember that last week's shopping extravaganza produced a midnight navy jacket from The Gap. I'm wearing it as a blazer today, with a French cuff Ralph Lauren blouse and pinstriped Tahari slacks.

The one color I find challenging to wear is navy, it always seems blah on me. However, this midnight navy blue color is more intense and I like the look. I'm wearing it as a blazer, with a trench coat over the ensemble for the rain/fog today. I like the length of this worn as a blazer, I think it adds oomph to the outfit.

Are there any colors you find difficult to wear? I used to think pink was a bad color on me, then I found different hues of pink that work really well. I also heard that blondes should wear black, and I still wear a lot of black, but I've branched out in my color choices.

Today was supposed to be sunny - but instead we get a repeat of the monochromatic grey fog and rain. I could really use a dose of sunshine, these are the days I miss sunny California the most!

I hope you're all having a sunny day, at least on the inside - if the weather won't cooperate!


Ha ha, this one makes me laugh - you can tell by my expression that I'm sick of the weather!



  1. I have a hard time with yellows and greens- I have an olivy complextion, and those colors make my skin look sickly greenish or yellowish.

    I never comment, but I love your style! :) don't worry about the weather, before we know it it'll be spring, summer, then fall again!

  2. That jacket is just great, Mom! I used to hate navy too (handed down from you maybe?), but it's a great alternative to black to add a little flavor. Plus I bet it draws more attention to your gorgeous blue eyes :)

  3. Don't worry, you aren't missing much "weather-wise" in CA - we are having monochromatic gray w/rain as well.

    Loving the outfits. I always look forward to your's and Chelsea's posts. Thanks for the great blog!

  4. Once I got into the idea of wearing navy with browns and blacks, it got a lot easier to wear. LOVE that jacket on you; it's a fabulous fit.

  5. Such a chic jacket--it fits you perfectly.