Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boots-Tights-Skirt v1.0

I've seen so many other bloggers wearing the boots-tights-skirt combo that I decided to brave the cold and give it a try. So far so good; my big coat keeps my legs, etc. warm when I dash from the office to the car.  I like the tonal look, so I built up from brown suede boots, brown patterned tights, and a brown tank top; topping it off with a caramel colored (maybe more of a khaki) blazer. I added some peachy freshwater pearls to pop it up a notch.

Details: Work - Meetings

Blazer: Tahari - Nordstrom ?
Tank: Express
Skirt: INC - gift
Tights: Spanx - Neiman Marcus outlet
Boots: Stuart Weitzman - St Louis shoe store, can't remember the name
Pearls: Gift
Coat: Calvin Klein - Filene's Basement
Scarf: Burberry

2010 Jan 12-7
(Sorry about the blurry photo - I am still experimenting with my camera)
2010 Jan 12-8

2010 Jan-4

Closeup of the boots:
2010 Jan 12-9

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  1. Oooh I love this! How did I not know about these boots?! They are friggin' fabulous! You look absolutely gorgeous, mamacita :)

    Oh, and I've heard from other cold weather people that layering two pairs of tights helps with keeping warm!