Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve isn't a big holiday for me, if I'm awake at midnight I'll kiss my sweet husband; but otherwise, big whoop!  Today I'm at the office again, working on my year end chores. [Note: the previous sentence is code for writing and reading blogs all day.] It will be in the 30s today, with the big chill coming in tonight. So today I decided on a basic black V-neck cashmere sweater (with a fun message ringing out the old year on the back), blue jeans, black short boots and my favorite peace-sign scarf.

BTW, I started off the morning thinking I would go with leggings, a turtleneck, and a dress, layered over boots. But when I was trying all this on, I got so hot I couldn't STAND it! Nope, not a hot flash, it's just not cold enough today to wear all those layers! Tomorrow is supposed to be wicked cold, with the low tomorrow night of 1. BRRRRR.....

As you can see, I'm still experimenting with poses. I am using Flickr to upload and "fix" my photos, and that is getting easier to do. I'm still not great at getting my blog page laid out the way I want it, but it's nice to have a goal to work towards.

I hope everyone out there has a safe and Happy New Year's!  See you in 2010.

Details: Work, no meetings, home early!
Sweater: Matilda, cashmere, rhinestone detail on back, Filene's Basement, 2004?
Tank: Express
Jeans: Joe's Jeans, Honey, remixed
Boots: Unisa, remixed
Scarf: Steve Madden, San Francisco Steve Madden store 2009
Jewelry: Same pieces I always wear

2009 Dec 31-1

2009 Dec 31-2

2009 Dec 31-4


  1. okay I just love those poses, and the outfit is fabulous! aloha in bling is awesome :)

  2. A top that says "Aloha" on a cold winter day is perfect! It conjures up a warm sunny beach somewhere in Hawaii.

    You look wonderful in your pics!