Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow of the Season

When my husband whispered in my sleeping ear, "honey, it snowed last night," I got a big grin on my face.  Since I grew up in the balmy climate of Houston, Texas, to me snow is a rare occurrence to be treasured.  Now I know my Midwest friends may disagree, but I enjoy snowy weather.

For the first snow of the year, I decided to go with the snow bunny look - a monochromatic white/cream look, from top to bottom.
2009 Dec 7
2009 Dec 7 C

Occasion: Work, no events
Details: Sweater with fur detail: The Scholar Shop (thanks, Ruth)
Tank: Express (I buy them in bulk when they go on sale)
White corduroys: Banana Republic  from 4+ years ago
Boots: Canadienne from Neiman Marcus (snow boots with a heel, LOVE that)