Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Parade of Dresses

I am leaving for a trip - we're going to a wedding in Colorado, then a few days of fun in Las Vegas. While I was thinking over my options, I decided to try on a variety of dresses and take photos, so I'd get a good idea of which ones would work best for the trip.

My first challenge is to dress for a wedding to be held at a Buddhist center outside of Boulder, CO. After the ceremony, we go back to an Inn for the reception. The ceremony will be at 9500 feet, and heels are not recommended. I haven't figured out the shoes yet, but it's likely that I'll wear flat sandals or flip flops to the ceremony; and heels to the reception.

Here's the dress I picked out for the wedding:

Details: Dress - Tommy Bahama; silk and linen blend
Sandals: Charles by Charles David


The collage below is an abundance of summer dresses, a virtual Parade of Dresses (hence the title). I tried on more than are shown here, the discards are the ones that will go back to the Scholar Shop for someone else to treasure. This exercise was helpful, I got an overview of some of the gems in my closet. Since I took photos, I now have an independent eye for the dresses, which helps when I'm deciding what to wear for different occasions.

Can you guess which ones are going to Las Vegas? I tried to organize them in the collage so I could identify them easily, but I ran out of patience, so here's the mishmash.

Details (left to right, beginning at the top left row):
Orange Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal; Patterned Sleeveless Dress: Trina Turk; Yellow/White Dress: Nanette Lepore; Silver/Blue Dress: Tommy Bahama; Red/Cream Flowered Dress: Nanette Lepore; Gold Spaghetti Strap Dress: Velvet; Black Halter Dress: Calvin Klein; Black/White Printed 2 piece Dress: Trina Turk; Tropical Print Dress: Muse; White/Black Printed Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo; Blue Tropical Print Silk Dress: Lilly Pulitzer; (a couple of repeats...) and a white top with blue skirt that I wore today. Whew, I'm tired just reading about it.



  1. Oh...thank you SO much!
    Your nice comment really makes my day after this horrible sleepless night!
    Thank you VERY, VERY much!

  2. Mom you have such amazing dresses... and you freaking rock the SHIT outta them all! My faves are the solid yellow with the pretty silhouette, the Marlyn-esque black halter with the sexy back, the cute as a button plaid mini, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE is that red printed dress with the cute straps and hem and waist! OMG I'm so in love with that dress!!!

  3. thank you for signing up to follow my baby blog ('baby' as in new, not - well, you know!)

    it's so yummy to see all those great dresses. and a very smart idea to put them all in one 'view' like that (putting idea in my 'to copy' file)......have a great week! steph

  4. Beautiful:))))

  5. I'm going to guess that the black dress is going to Vegas but I think most any of them would be fine.

    We had a nice evening up on Fremont Street after seeing the "Rat Pack" show. It's casual and young on the covered plaza. I think he Trina Turk would look very smart there. A nice change from a lot of the denim we saw.

  6. Hello! I'm new to your blog and LOVE it.

    My favs on you are the black halter, the one you chose for the wedding, the red one and the white one with the black under the bust.

    Would you be offended if I say that I'm not so crazy about the white one with the lacy straps? Is that a favorite? I don't think it does your cute figure justice - maybe it's too long, or doesn't hug your curves enough or distracts from you by that lace. While the other dresses have cleaner lines, I think this one is too froo-froo for you. Of course, that's just my opinion. The others all look stunning. Just this one? Meh.

    Glad you are blogging!

  7. You guys ROCK, thanks for all the posts!

    Joe's Blog: You're so much fun, I love your blog. I hope you've gotten some sleep :)

    Chelsea: Your bias shows, and I'm GLAD! Thank you chica.

    Tinyjunco: I had fun putting the collage of dresses together. I'm still new to this, but Picasa has a fairly easy way to get this effect.

    Minnja: Thanks so much!

    RoseAG: How was the Rat Pack? We want to go see Jersey Boys sometime - and Fremont Street.

    Remnant: No worries, I appreciate the feedback. The yellow/white dress is most appropriate for a conservative fundraiser I have to attend next week.

    BTW, I took the black halter (you all voted for it), the orange dress, and the Lilly. They all worked beautifully. The silver/grey one looked nice for the wedding.

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